Dover scullers cope well in tough conditions

Christopher Hall and Robin McCorkell - Men's Junior Pair Harry Platts - Mens Novice Sculls Lizzie Foley, Chrissy Purvis, Jen Jordan, Maria West-Burrows, Jo Johnson Ladies Junior 4's Michael Scales, Tom Stothart, Guy Hadfield, Cameron Mackintosh, Chris Hall - Men's Novice 4

Dover Rowing Club were in action at Herne Bay at the weekend. The early conditions were far from ideal as the Junior Scullers took to the water. Dover was represented by Chris Hall, Chris Price and Robin McCorkell. The conditions took their toll with 3 capsizes and an abandonment but the Dover scullers coped well. Hall reached the buoy turn in joint 3rd with McCorkell and Price not far behind. Unfortunately Hall had to move to avoid kayaks that had entered the course to assist a capsized opponent leaving him in finishing 4th with McCorkell 6th and Price in 8th.
The Vet 40+ Fours race saw Chrissy Purvis, Maria West-Burrows, Tony Burrows, Jo Johnston with Saffron Walmsley-Preece at cox. The start saw Dover’s boat along with the two inside them having their bows bucked high and clear of the water by an unexpected wave. The experienced crew brushed off the difficult start and pursued the field but were a little behind at the turn and, try as they might, they could not progress into a points place finishing in 7th. Antonia Reed subbed into Herne Bay crews in both the Ladies J16 Quads and Novice Fours finishing 3rd and 7th respectively.
The Novice Men’s Sculls saw Tony Burrows, Tom Stothart, Cameron Mackintosh and Harry Platts entering the heats. With conditions still poor neither Burrows nor Stothart qualified from the 1st heat and, with Mackintosh narrowly missing a 4th place spot in heat 2, it fell to Platts to qualify in 3rd place. In the final Platts, who has only recently returned to rowing after his 1st year at UCL, put in an excellent performance from the outside lane and worked hard in the improved conditions to finish 4th.
The Men’s Novice Four saw Michael Scales, Stothart, Guy Hadfield, Mackintosh with Hall as cox. It was obvious from the start that Bexhill had two strong boats leaving Dover’s crew battling for 3rd at the turn chasing Worthing and holding off Eastbourne. Despite a hard push 4th was the best Dover could manage as Worthing held on.
Dover Junior Ladies Four were on the water next with Lizzie Foley, Purvis, Jen Jordan, West-Burrows with Johnson coxing. This crew combination had little practice in preparation for the event with West-Burrows in stroke for the first time. A brilliant start saw Dover’s ladies in contention on the outward leg turning in 3rd. They worked hard together down the return leg gaining clear water in securing 3rd.
The Men’s Junior Pair of McCorkell and Hall saw them in midfield in the first 200m before they moved steadily through the field and by the turn they were 2nd. The Dover boys moved wide to get a clearer run at the Shoreham crew whilst holding off the fast charging Bexhill crew on the inside. McCorkell and Hall were unable to catch Shoreham but were able to secure 2nd by a couple of lengths.
Ladies Doubles Sculls saw Dover enter two crews Johnston and Walmsley-Preece / West-Burrows and Reed. Johnston and Walmsley-Preece took an initial lead in their outside lane but were chased down by Shoreham by the turn. An unexpectedly strong performance from the Worthing double saw them push past the leading Dover crew leaving them to take 3rd. West-Burrows and Reed were unable to hold onto the last points place finishing in 7th.
The last race saw a new combination of Platts, Chris Husk, Hadfield, Hall coxed by Mackintosh entering the Men’s Junior Fours. The crew were left at the start as they were unable to hear the ‘go’. Driving hard they ate up the metres by the turn coming out 4th behind a Bexhill crew. Young Mackintosh then drove them forward drawing neck and neck with Bexhill with 500m to go. It remained tight to the line as Bexhill took it by less than a canvas with Dover in 4th.

Good performances from new pairings at Southsea

Dover's Southsea Team - Mackintosh, Hall, Stothart, Johnston, West-Burrows, Newcombe and Barter Maria West-Burrows and Jo Johnston in the Senior Ladies Pairs Mary Newcombe and Megan Barter in Ladies Junior Pairs Tom Stothart and Cameron Mackintosh in the Novice Sculls

The weekend saw a hard core of Dover rowers competing at the Southsea Regatta, the traditional contest featuring clubs from CARA and Hants & Dorset divisions. Chris Hall was the 1st on the water in the qualifying for the Men’s Junior Sculls. In lane one Hall started well keeping a long steady stroke. He reached the turns in a convoy of the four leading boats taking the inside buoy and turning in 4th place, the last qualifying spot. Although seemingly under pressure in the last 300 m from the 5th placed rower, Hall responded indicating that he had plenty in reserve. In the final Hall was drawn in the unfavoured outside lane. Seeking better water he battled to a more central position at the turn. Coming out of the turn the in 4th Hall worked hard to hold off the inside Bexhill rower but the inshore water proved better leaving Hall finishing in 5th overall and 4th from CARA.
Cameron Mackintosh and Tom Stothart went head to head in neighbouring lanes in heat 1 of the Men’s Novice Sculls. The two rowers came close to making contact from the start, with Mackintosh opting to take evasive action to open space for Stothart. They found themselves towards the back of the field at the turn but fought each other on the return leg with Stothart taking 7th and Mackintosh in 8th. Hall and Stothart formed a new partnership in the Men’s Junior Pairs. A solid start saw the crew in the middle of the field in their heat coming out of the turn but they dropped to 7th at the finish.
The Ladies Double Sculls saw two Dover crews take to the water, Jo Johnston and Mary Newcombe / Maria West-Burrows and Megan Barter. West-Burrows and Barter got a excellent start with Johnston and Newcombe moving steadily through the field. By the turns Johnston and Newcombe had moved into 2nd place looking to hunt down the leading Shoreham crew. West-Burrows and Barter who started in the outside lanes turned in the middle of the pack whilst steadily working to the inside. With Dover’s leading crew unable to catch Shoreham leaving them in a comfortable 2nd place, West-Burrows and Barter held their own in the points battle taking 6th in the race and 5th in CARA.
Johnston and West-Burrows combined in the Ladies Senior Pairs. After a bad start, where Dover’s crew were behind the line as the racing commenced, the ladies worked hard to catch the field. The experienced rowers gradually improved their position reaching 7th in the overall leaving them 5th in the CARA points standings. Newcombe and Barter, another new pairing, performed well in their first race together. Their solid start allowed the Astor girls to remain competitive racing out of lane one. Working in harmony the inexperienced duo maintained contact with the leading crews to the turns where they were hit by another boat. Newcombe and Barter worked hard to find themselves amongst the points taking 6th place overall and 4th amongst CARA crews.
Johnston renewed her rivalry with Worthing’s unbeaten sculler in the Ladies Novice Sculls. The race followed the familiar pattern with the Worthing sculler establishing an early lead leaving Johnston in a fight for 2nd place. At the turn a Southampton sculler was neck and neck with Johnston and it was only in the last quarter that Johnston’s challenge fell away leaving her in 3rd overall and second in CARA.
The Open Double Sculls, which is only raced at Southsea, saw DGSB pairing of Hall and Stothart racing against the ladies crew of Johnston and West-Burrows. The boys crew got off to an strong start placing them in the leading crews whilst Johnston and West-Burrows quickly found themselves in a battle with the other ladies crews in the race. On the return leg Hall and Stothart were battling for 3rd eventually losing to the inside Bexhill crew but kept their focus in holding off the late charging Shoreham boat to secure 4th overall and 3rd amongst the CARA crews. Johnston and West-Burrows came in 10th securing the top position for a ladies crew.
Dover Rowing Club would like to thank Deal and Herne Bay Rowing Clubs for assistance in taking boats and equipment to Southsea.

Ladies Crews take second overall at CARA Regatta

Claire Beaumont, Amy Lewington, Antonia Reed, Mary Newcombe, Jo Johnston cox 2nd in Ladies Novice Four Jo Johnston 2nd place on both days in the Ladies Single Sculls Jo Johnston and Saffron Walmsley-Preece 2nd in the Ladies Double Sculls (2) Lizzie Foley, Saffron Walmsley-Preece, Maria West-Burrows, Petra Matthews-Crow Cox Jo Johnston 2nd in Junior Ladies Fours

Dover Rowing Club were in action at Deal for the Deal and Cara Regattas at the weekend. Poor lane draws in rough conditions saw disappointment for Dover on a frustrating 1st day, followed by improved results on day 2, with the ladies crews leading the way. Dover Junior Ladies; Lizzie Foley, Saffron Walmsley-Preece, Maria West Burrows, Petra Matthews-Crow coxed by Jo Johnston, followed a solid 4th place on Day 1 with a powerful start on Day 2. In their 1st races together this year they reached the turns 1st and were fighting Shoreham down the return leg, but were unable to hold them off settling for the runners-up spot in a tough race. Ladies Novice Four on Day 1 featured Megan Barter, Antonia Reed, Claire Beaumont, Amy Lewington coxed by Foley. The ladies, drawn in the rough on the outside, slowly moved up the field as they fought for a lane closer to the shore. A blocked buoy turn saw the crew drop from competing for 2nd to 5th as they went wide to take next turn. Day 2 had Mary Newcombe replace Barter and Johnston taking the coxes seat. The regular crew got off to a good start in a two way race with Shoreham but by the mid point it was clear that Shoreham had the measure of the Dover crew who comfortably took 2nd.

The two Ladies Double Sculls crews of Johnston and Walmsley-Preece / Burrows and Barter failed to negotiate the buoy turns on Day 1. Day 2 saw a stronger performance with Johnston and Walmsley-Preece hunting Shoreham from the start with Burrows and Barter also having a excellent start. Johnston and Walmsley-Preece easily secured 2nd place with Burrows and Barter taking 6th. Ladies Single Sculls saw Johnston take 2nd place on both days with Reed finishing 3rd and 5th, whilst Walmsley-Preece only completed on day 2 where she took 3rd. The pattern for 2nd places continued for the ladies as they secured the 2nd place in the overall Ladies Aggregate Competition; their highest place this season.

The top placed men’s crew were Robin McCorkell and Chris Hall who had a race to forget on day 1 commencing with gaffer tape being applied to a hole in the bow of their boat discovered as they were preparing to launch. Their boat was then pushed sideways by a Southsea boat who were driven forward on top of a wave and then they were blocked at the turn. Their 4th place was all the more impressive for it. On Day 2 McCorkell and Hall found themselves in the outer lanes but a hard driving start put them in contention with the inside Southsea crew. Moving inshore at the 1st turn the Dover boys chased hard but were unable to pass Southsea coming in a close 2nd

Hall racing in the Senior Sculls completed well to pick up 6th place on Day 1 and 5th on Day 2. The Ladies Senior Pairs saw West-Burrows and Johnston manage well on both days rowing consistently taking 4th and 5th in their races. J14 Mixed Quad saw Barnaby Brown, Finlay Kerr-Martin, Finlay Evans, Georgia Shelton (Herne Bay) coxed by Paul Scrivener laboured early on before finding a good rhythm, leaving the inexperienced crew coming home 4th. The Men’s Junior Sculls had three Dover rowers with Hall, Chris Price and newly promoted McCorkell. Hall coped best in the 1st day conditions fighting hard from the outside lanes to secure 5th place with McCorkell in 7th and Price in 8th. All three rowers took points on day 2 with McCorkell taking 4th holding off Hall in 5th with Price not far behind in 6th.

Veteran 40+ Fours saw West-Burrows, Victor Evans, Tony Burrows, Johnston coxed by Hall. With Evans making his return to competition after several years, the crew gelled quickly and were in line to take 3rd place before Burrows suffered a back spasm slowing the boat which finished 4th. Nick Bailey joined forces with rowers from Folkestone, Deal and Shoreham to form a scratch crew for the Vet 50+ race. Their lack of practice together showed as they struggled to stay in contact with the lead crews coming in 4th

Novice Men’s Four race on day 1 saw Dover enter two crews; the ‘Scriveners’, Toby Scrivener, Ben Scrivener, Guy Hadfield (Scrivener) and Lewis Scrivener, coxed by Ollie Scrivener were racing the DGSB crew of Michael Scales, Austin Mills, Tom Stothart, Cameron Mackintosh coxed by Hall. With both crews hopeful of a win it was the Scriveners who started the better in the unfavoured outside lane. It became clear that Bexhill had two strong returning university crews leaving the Dover crews chasing. Despite excellent buoy turns from the young Scrivener cox the family crew could only manage 3rd place with the school boys crew in 4th. On Day 2 the DGSB crew gained a place in the Scriveners absence securing 3rd.

In the Men’s Novice sculls Burrows, Mackintosh, Stothart and Paul Scrivener failed to qualify from the heats on day 1. Day 2 saw Stothart regaining his confidence after recent capsizes pushing hard from the start and holding 4th at the halfway point only to drop back one space to take 5th overall with Mackintosh in 8th. Men’s Junior Senior Race saw Toby, Ben and Lewis Scrivener joined by Neal Scrivener with Ollie coxing, racing against Paul Scrivener, Chris Husk, Hadfield, Hall coxed by Mackintosh. It became a race for pride for the two crews as they battled each other with the Scrivener boat losing out to the their teammates as the Dover boats came in 8th and 9th. J16 Ladies only competed on Day 2 with Taylor Warren, Megan Barter, Antonia Reed, Mary Newcombe coxed by Hall. The young crew were unable to compete with the speed of the Shoreham boat and found themselves pushing for 3rd which they secured after Deal suffered a technical issue.

McCorkell takes promotion as Dover have a good day on home waters.

Chris Hall 2nd in Junior Sculls Ladies J16 Quad - Taylor Warren, Megan Barter, Antonia Reed, Mary Newcombe, Saffron Walmsley-Preece (cox) Men's J14 Quad winner - Saffron Walmsley-Preece (cox), Luke Hill, Finlay Kerr-Martin, Finlay Evans, Barnaby Brown Men's Novice Fours - Ollie Scrivener (cox), Lewis Scrivener, Guy Hadfield (Scrivener), Neil Scrivener, Toby Scrivener Novice Sculls Winner - Robin McCorkell Team Scrivener winners of the Men's Novice Fours - Guy Hadfield (Scrivener), Lewis Scrivener, Toby Scrivener, Ollie Scrivener, Neil Scrivener

There was a strong showing for Dover Rowing Club at their weather affected Regatta at the weekend. The first race saw the Ladies Sculls and the Veteran Sculls race combined. Dover had a strong entry featuring Jo Johnston, Mary Newcombe, Antonia Reed and Lizzie Foley racing Ladies sculls and Tony Burrows in the Vet’s race. Johnston took an early lead in the ladies race reaching the turn 1st and showing her experience in the tough conditions. Burrows recognised that he wasn’t able to catch the other Veteran rower so moved to support the young rowers as they struggled in the rough water at the far end of the course, helping to reassure them. With Johnston securing 1st the remaining ladies battled through with Newcombe taking 2nd, Reed 3rd and Foley 4th.
The Men’s Novice Four saw two Dover crews; the DGSB crew of Michael Scales, Austin Mills, Tom Stothart, Cameron Mackintosh with Newcombe at cox and the Scrivener family boat featuring Toby Scrivener, Neil Scrivener, Guy Hadfield (Scrivener), Lewis Scrivener with young Ollie Scrivener as cox. The younger crew got off to the better start as both Dover crews chased Worthing. At the turn the Worthing crew maintained a small lead but, as the young Dover crew fell away, the power in the Scrivener boat began to tell. In the last 500m it was the Scrivener’s who moved into the lead and held off a late charge from Worthing. The DGSB crew came home in a comfortable 3rd place.
The Ladies J16 Quad crew of Taylor Warren, Reed, Megan Barter, Newcombe coxed by Saffron Walmsley-Preece battled hard gradually improving through the field for 2nd. The Senior Sculls saw Chris Hall struggle to compete with the leading competitors as he fought for the minor places coming home in 5th.
In the combined Mens J16 and J14 race Dover’s J14’s crew of Luke Hill, Finlay Kerr-Martin, Finlay Evans, Barnaby Brown were coxed by Walmsley-Preece. The youngsters worked hard, showing good co-ordination, given their lack of experience, in what was their 1st race. Chasing the older crews they coped well in the conditions finishing 3rd overall and 1st in the J14 race.
The Ladies Novice four crew of Claire Beaumont, Amy Lewington, Reed, Newcombe coxed by Foley had a slow start leaving them in the lower part of the field. However, the crew steadily worked through the field arriving at the buoys in 4th place as the lead crews were exiting, leaving them several lengths behind. Pushing hard Dover on the outside fought through to be neck and neck at the finish where they finished 2nd by less than a length. Barter subbed into a Worthing crew for the Ladies Novice four and finished in 5th.
The Junior Sculls saw Chris Price and Hall competing for Dover. A strong outward leg saw Price lead Hall as they sat in the middle of the field. Hall found the rougher conditions to his favour as he battled forward passing Price and moving into the top three. He progressed into 2nd at the 500m mark and held off a Deal rower in a spirited battle to the line. Price was unable to hold on to 5th place dropping to 6th in a tight finish.
The Men’s Novice Sculls had seen a large entry requiring heats. Three Dover Scullers fell prior to the final with Burrows and Mackintosh failing to make the top four and Stothart capsizing near the turns. The final saw Paul Scrivener, Harry Platts and Robin McCorkell competing. McCorkell set off powerfully leading from the outset, whilst Scrivener was also competitive with Platts towards the back of the field. By the turn it was obvious that it was McCorkell’s race to lose as he drove his boat forward to secure his 2nd novice win and promotion to Junior level. Paul Scrivener took 4th place with a lot of water in his boat and Platts finished 7th. Deteriorating conditions lead to the Regatta being halted leaving several strong Dover crews missing out.

Dover Rowing Club would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for sponsoring Dover Regatta: A&S Self Storage Ltd, A.T.Garage Services, Dover Express, Dover Harbour Board, Dover Lifeguards Club, Dover Marine Services Ltd, Dover Sea Sports Centre, East Kent Mercury, K.R. Gavin Removals, The Hunting Edge, Kent Stonemason, Mariner III – Malcolm, Sharp and Enright, Mrs J.M. Bailey, Mr N.J. Bailey, Best Godmother Ever, George & Toni Burrows, Mr N.J. Cooke, Mr W Darlington, Mr K.C. Goodwin, Mr C. Holman, Mrs Johnings, Mr D. Newman, Mr C. Price, Mrs M. Squibb and Mr S Woods. Special thanks go to the family of Reg Kent who presented the new Men’s Senior Sculls trophy in his memory.

Magnificent McCorkell’s Winning Return

Chris Hall and Robin McCorkell with the Men's Junior Pairs Jo Johnston and Mary Newcombe winners of the Ladies Double Sculls (2) Robin McCorkell winner of the Men's Novice Sculls Robin and Christopher winning at Eastbourne Regatta 2016

The sixth CARA regatta held at Eastbourne saw Dover RC’s strongest performance for some time. A victorious return for Robin McCorkell from Gonville and Caius College Cambridge saw him secure two victories. McCorkell’s 1st race was the Novice Sculls which also saw Dover’s contingent of Tony Burrows, Cameron Mackintosh and Tom Stothart compete in difficult conditions; two competitors capsized before the start and two others then withdrew. From the outset Burrows took 2nd place which he held through the first 500m with rest of the Dover rowers in the middle of field. Near the buoy turn Stothart capsized leaving the remaining Dover rowers chasing the leader. In the last 500m McCorkell laid on the power and closed rapidly on a Herne Bay rower rapidly catching him at the 150m mark where McCorkell on the outside pressurized his opponent into an error. The blades of both rowers touched, leading to the Herne Bay sculler losing control and capsizing, leaving McCorkell to finish a clear 1st. Burrows battled hard to finish 4th with Mackintosh picking up 5th and his first sculling points.

McCorkell’s 2nd win came from the renewal of his partnership with Chris Hall in the Junior Pairs. The young rowers got off to a good start in the outside lane seeing them among the early leaders. By the turns Dover’s crew had a slight lead which they extended over the next 500m. Pressure grew from the chasing pack to the last 200m where McCorkell and Hall pushed hard and caught a runner helping to carry them 5 lengths clear for the win.

Dover’s other win came in Ladies Double Sculls which saw Dover enter two crews; Jo Johnston / Mary Newcombe and Maria West-Burrows / Megan Barter. Johnston and Newcombe dominated off the line and established a good lead to the turns which they maintained with the chasing crews fighting for 2nd. West-Burrows and Barter came home in 7th.

In the other races Johnston dealt well with the conditions in the Ladies Sculls to secure 2nd place in the opening race. Hall’s Senior Sculls saw conditions force some competitors to abandon mid race leaving Hall to finish comfortably in 4th. The Men’s Novice Four saw Andrew Bottali, Austin Mills, Stothart, Mackintosh with Newcombe at cox. From the start Worthing jumped out to an early lead with the Dover crew in the pack. The crew fought hard in rough conditions to gain, 2nd place by the turn, a position they held on to for the remainder of the race. Barter subbed into the Worthing Ladies Novice Four Crew who made hard work of the rough conditions in the outside lane at the start gradually moving up the field to finish in 5th place.

The Ladies Senior Pairs race saw Johnston and West-Burrows run dangerously close to the breakwater on the outbound leg before improving their line and bringing themselves into the leading crews. The return leg found the crew battling for 4th place requiring a heavy push to secure the higher finishing position. The Men’s Junior Sculls had two competitors for Dover, Hall and Chris Price. Hall and Price were in close order at the turns with Hall in third place and Price in fifth. Hall came under pressure from a late charge and was unable to hold off his opponent falling to 4th place with Price maintaining 5th overall.

The next Regatta is Dover’s own on the 02/07/2016 at 10:30 in Dover Harbour weather permitting.

Barter shines at Shoreham as Dover rowers take five second places.

J16 Crew Megan Barter, Mary Newcombe, Lizzie Foley, Antonia Reed, Taylor Warren Jo Johnston Megan Barter who recorded tow second places at Shoreham Men's Novice Four (2) Andrew Bottali, Austin Mills, Tom Stothart, Cameron Mackintosh, Chris Hall cox

The weekend saw Dover Rowing Club in action in Shoreham and Brighton Regattas. The opening event for both days was the Ladies J16 Quad Sculls with Taylor Warren, Antonia Reed, Megan Barter, Mary Newcombe coxed by Lizzie Foley at Shoreham and Tony Burrows at Brighton. In the 1st race the Astor girls started in heavy rain and were quickly in their flow pursuing Shoreham A down the course. The girl’s crew successfully held off a late charge to secure a brilliant 2nd place. On the 2nd day the young crew could only manage a disappointing 4th. Chris Hall’s performances in the Senior Sculls showed a degree of consistency finishing 5th and 6th on consecutive days in the top sculls event. In the Ladies Senior Pairs Final Maria West-Burrows and Jo Johnston had to fight hard on the 1st day after finding themselves well down the field at the turn. A determined effort saw the pair fight their way through the pack to secure 5th place, the same position they achieved on day two. The Junior Sculls race saw Hall and Chris Price in action on day one. Hall turned 3rd and maintained a lead over Price who was battling for 4th with a Herne Bay Sculler who was far out to sea with Price eventually finishing 5th. The 2nd day saw Hall as the lone entry. Congestion at the inside buoys led to him missing his intended turn leaving him down the field. Hall raced hard and fought off a Shoreham rower in a sprint finish to secure 5th. Ladies Junior 4’s of Foley, Amy Lewington, West-Burrows, Petra Matthews Crow coxed by Johnston had difficulty maintaining contact with the lead crews from the start. Establishing themselves in 4th place at the turns, a position they maintained to the finish. The Men’s Novice Sculls saw Dover sculler Burrows, Tom Stothart and Cameron Mackintosh struggling to gain points finishes. Burrows managed the only points with 5th and 8th leaving him the lead novice sculler with Stothart 7th and 11th and Mackintosh 10th and 12th. The Novice Ladies saw the debut of Claire Beaumont, with Lewington, Reed, Newcombe coxed by Foley. Barter subbed into a Herne Bay Crew for the event. Within 200 metres of the start Beaumont caught a crab slowing the boat, her quick recovery given her lack experience was excellent. Dover and Herne Bay turned in the top three and raced hard down the return leg with Barter’s crew pulling ahead only to lose out to the Deal crew on the line with the all Dover crew 3rd. Race day 2 saw Barter’s crew in 3rd and the Dover crew in 4th. Foley received the coxswain of the day award for her performance. Men’s Junior Pairs saw only Stothart and Mackintosh compete on day one finishing 11th. Day Two saw Hall and Austin Mills work hard to secure a point for 6th place in a competitive field whilst Stothart and Mackintosh improved to 10th after the event was re-run. Men’s Novice 4’s saw a great improvement from Andrew Bottali, Mills, Stothart, Mackintosh coxed by Hall on day 1 as the crew were leading at the turn but were eventually overhauled at 1500 metres to finish 2nd securing their first trophies. Day 2 the crew could only finish 4th with the effects of the earlier pairs re-run affecting their performance. Dover had two crews in the Ladies Double Sculls, Barter, West-Burrows and Johnston, Reed. Both crews showed consistent performances with Johnston, Reed taking 6th and Barter, West-Burrows taking 7th on day one and day two seeing a reverse of the result; Barter, West-Burrows taking the last points place in the more difficult conditions. The last race of both events was the Ladies Single Sculls where Johnston and Foley did battle for Dover. On day one Johnston could not compete with a Worthing rower having to settle for 2nd with Foley 5th. Day 2 saw Johnston take the initial lead only for her nemesis from Worthing to pass her at around 600 metres. Johnston’s pursuit paid off as she nailed her turn whilst her opponent initially missed her buoy leaving Johnston several lengths ahead. With the chase now on Johnston was hopeful of victory and managed to hold off the younger opponent until the last 50 metres finishing 2nd overall, with Foley securing 3rd to finish the day.

Johnston takes win for Dover at Bexhill

Jo Johnston winner of the Ladies Sculls Ladies Junior Fours - Lizzy Foley, Amy Lewington, Maria West-Burrows, Petra Matthews-Crow cox Jo Johnston Novice Men's Four - Andrew Botteli, Austin Mills, Tom Stothart, Cameron Mackintosh, cox Christopher Hall Paul Scrivener in the Novice Sculls

Scullers led the way for Dover Rowing Club at the 3rd CARA regatta at Bexhill with top three finishes in the Ladies Sculls and Men’s Novice sculls events. The opening event for Dover was the Vet 50 race which saw the crew of Paul Scrivener, Keith Thomasson, Nick Bailey, Jo Johnston with Lizzy Foley as cox perform well in their first outing of the season. Having kept contact with the lead crews to the buoy turn the team then dropped to 5th, a position they maintained through to the finish. The Men’s Junior Sculls had Chris Price and Chris Hall battling each other from the start. Hall moved into the top 4 positions early into the race whilst Price gradually moved through the field after the turn. Hall was unable to break into the top three places and settled for 4th, rowing guardedly to keep Price behind him in 5th. The Men’s Novice sculls race was action packed from Dover’s perspective with Scrivener, Tony Burrows and Tom Stothart competing. From the start Scrivener was 2nd, a position he held for the first third of the race, before dropping into 3rd near the turn. Stothart and Burrows were battling for the minor places with the younger rower Stothart leading until disaster struck as his inside blade snapped on a groyne end marker leaving him stranded. Club Captain Burrows stopped to give assistance until a rescue boat arrived. Scrivener secured 3rd place with Burrows trailing in 8th. The Ladies Senior Pairs saw Maria West-Burrows and Johnston hoping for better water on the outside as they moved across the back of the field in the opening couple of hundred metres. By the turn it was clear the gamble hadn’t worked out leaving the Ladies in 5th overall. Illness left Dover entering a non status crew in the Ladies Novice 4’s race with Foley rowing down a category to give the Novice boat a race. The crew of Foley, Amy Lewington, Antonia Reed, Mary Newcombe coxed by Hall started fast leaving them neck and neck with the eventual winning boat. The Novice crew led at the turn but faded in the later stages as Reed suffered a muscle spasm leaving them in 4th place. The Ladies Junior Four of Foley, Lewington, West-Burrows, Petra Matthews-Crow coxed by Johnston started brightly and were amongst the leading boats off the line. At the turn Dover’s crew were locked in a battle with Bexhill for 3rd place but were unable to push through, finishing in 4th place. The Men’s Junior Pairs saw debutante pairing of Cameron Mackintosh and Stothart pitted against their DGSB schoolmates Hall and Austin Mills. Hall / Mills secured 5th place in another solid performance whilst Mackintosh / Stothart successfully overhauled a Shoreham crew in the last quarter to secure a point for 6th place. The pairs race appeared to have taken a lot out of the crews who competed two races later in the Men’s Novice Four where Andrew Bottali joined Mills, Stothart, Mackintosh coxed by Hall. The Novice crew battled hard but were only able to secure 4th in a race in which they had hoped to be more competitive. The men’s Junior Senior race saw two crews for Dover, novice Bottali joined JS rowers Price, Scrivener and Burrows coxed by Johnston competing against the DGSB crew of Mackintosh, Mills, Hall, Stothart, coxed by Foley. A race for club pride developed as heading to the turn the under 18’s led the more experienced crew but an excellent turn saw the older crew pull ahead. A three way race for the last point for 6th place developed with Shoreham, leading to a blanket finish for the 3 boats with the older Dover Crew securing the point. The Senior Sculls final found Hall racing with veteran Bailey in the top sculls race. A tired looking Hall finished in 8th with Bailey one place behind. In the Vet 40 sculls Scrivener raced hard and secured 4th place. In the ladies sculls Johnston and Foley battled with both seeking 1st place. Johnston established the initial lead and Foley was unable to catch her teammate finishing 2nd, with Johnston securing Dover’s first win of the season.

Johnston leads Dover Rowers at the opening regattas of the CARA season

J16 Warren, Reed, Doick, Barter, coxed by Johnston Jo Johnston Senior Ladies Pair West-Burrows and JohnstonTom Stothart

Last weekend saw Dover Rowing Club competing in CARA’s first Regattas of the season at Worthing and Worthing Town. First crew on the water were J16 Girls featuring Taylor Warren, Antonia Reed, Megan Barter and Worthing’s Bryony Doick coxed by Lizzy Foley on day one and Jo Johnston on day two. Both days saw solid performances from the young group finishing 3rd and 4th, in what was Warren’s racing debut. The Senior Men’s sculls race saw Chris Hall rowing above his status to gain experience in the top category finishing 4th and 5th gaining points both days. Senior Ladies Pairs race had a new pairing of Maria West-Burrows and Johnston in their first race giving a strong competitive performance securing a 4th place finish. Day 2 saw a change of fortunes as West-Burrows and Johnston were leading off the line before the rougher conditions led to a large wave lifting and stopping the boat leaving them trailing home in 9th. Dover had two competitors in the Junior Sculls races with Hall and Chris Price. The first race saw Price misjudge the turn leading to his disqualification for impeding Hall and leaving him to finish 7th. With the two rowers side by side on Day 2, and the previous days race forgotten, Hall finished 4th, one place above Price. The Ladies Junior Four saw two novice rowers making up the crew on Day 2. Stephanie Darrall, West-Burrows, Foley, Amy Lewington coxed by Tony Burrows got a fair start and were in the pack to the buoy turn where the field separated out with the Dover crew securing a good 5th place. Tom Stothart made his debut in the Men’s Novice Sculls where he completed against Club Captain Burrows. Young Stothart coped well outward before a near capsize took his confidence leaving him 11th with Burrows coming home in 8th. The rougher conditions of Day 2 saw a more confident Stothart battle Burrows throughout the race with only a better buoy turn by Burrows easing him a head. Burrows secured 5th place with Stothart taking a point for 6th. The Ladies Novice 4’s race saw Barter, Darrall, Reed, Lewington coxed by Foley struggling in strong field on Day 1 finishing 8th overall. A new pairing of Hall and Austin Mills had a difficult first race when an issue with Mills’ seat undermined a promising start leaving them labouring home in 11th. Day 2 gave grounds for optimism when the DGSB boys jumped from 7th to 5th with a fantastic buoy turn gaining them 4 lengths which they held to the finish. The Ladies Double Sculls saw two Dover crews competing Barter and West-Burrows leading off the line over Johnston and Reed on Day 1’s race.The Johnston Reed combo were in the stronger position at the turn and were hunting down the 2nd place crew before Johnston caught a crab leaving them finishing 6th. Barter and West-Burrows came in 7th after Shoreham crashed into them with Barter taking a blow on her back. A less eventful 2nd day race saw the same finishing positions for both crews. The final race on both days was the Ladies Sculls which has been returned to the CARA schedule this season. Day 1’s race had both Johnston and Foley competing with Johnston leading the way for Dover chasing the Worthing and BTC scullers down the course to secure 3rd and Foley taking a respectable 6th place. Johnston secured Dover’s highest place finish taking 2nd place on Day 2.

J16 lead the way for Dover at the Viking Shield Regatta

Vet 40 Winners Chrissy Purvis, Maria West-Burrows, Tony Burrows, Petra Matthews Crow cox Chris HallNovice Sculls Winner Paul ScrivenerJ16 Girls Winning Crew Megan Barter, Antonia Reed, Jodie Lott, Olivija Norvilaite coxed by Chris HallChris Hall receiving the Keith Thomsett Memorial Trophy from Deal's Jane Shorter

The Viking Shield Regatta at Deal saw great performances from Dover rowers in the last preseason event before the CARA season begins in May. The opening event saw the Astor girls crew of Jodie Lott, Antonia Reed, Megan Barter, Olivija Norvilaite with cox Chris Hall compete in the J16 category. A strong start saw the young crew jump out into a lead over both the boys and the girls race. Working hard they held off the Deal boys crew to the last 20 metres of the course and secured their first win in a J16 race. The next Dover race saw Lizzy Foley, Lisa Burnett, Maria West-Burrows, Petra Matthews Crow, coxed by Jo Johnston racing in the Junior Ladies 4. A good start saw them among the leading boats. They were well coxed around the first buoy turn by Johnston which helped them jump out to a clear second place where they held off a charge by the Deal crew. They secured their second position by the second buoy for a comfortable run to the finish line. The Men’s Junior Sculls race saw possibly the worst conditions of the day. Dover were represented by Hall and Chris Price. Hall powered off the line to take a three length lead to the first turn with Price running in the middle of the field. Hall was challenged by Bexhill scullers in the middle of the race before he eased away for a comfortable win with Price coming home in fifth in a race that saw two competitors fail to finish. The Men’s Novice Sculls race saw veteran rower Paul Scrivener as Dover’s sole entry. Scrivener dominated from the start jumping out to a significant lead by the first buoy. His consistent power through the stroke saw his lead extend to several lengths at the second buoy and finish ten lengths ahead of his nearest challenger to take a very deserved win. Due to withdrawals from other clubs the Veteran 40 and 50 were run in a single race. Dover’s Vet 40 crew was Chrissy Purvis, West-Burrows, Tony Burrows, Matthews Crow coxed by Hall; the first time the Burrows had raced together in their long rowing careers. The Vet 50 crew consisted of Burnett, Scrivener, Nick Bailey, Johnston coxed by Foley. From the off the Vet 50 crew gained the upper hand over the younger Dover crew and, despite their best efforts, the Vet 40 could not close the gap. At the second buoy both crews executed the turn well leaving the Vet 50 crossing the line in second with the Vet 40 crew finishing third which was sufficient to take the victory in their category. The Junior Men’s 4 crew of Cameron MacIntosh, Austin Mills , Hall, Tom Stothart with cox Foley had a terrible start with the crew backing down as the umpire started the race leaving them last off the line. Chasing the field down to the first buoy Dover’s young crew overhauled one boat but were unable to get in among the main field trailing in seventh place. Price had better luck coxing the Eastbourne crew to second in the same race. The Novice Ladies crew of Casper Barnsby, Reed, Mary Newcombe, Amy Lewington, coxed by Burrows performed well in their first race together. Working hard off the line they were initially in the lead before gradually being passed by four boats after the first buoy turn. They maintained their fifth place throughout the rest of the race. Dover had two crews in the Ladies Double Sculls which saw Barter and Burrows racing Johnston and Newcombe. The composite crew in the race jumped out ahead of Barter and Burrows then, cutting across their line, slowed the Dover boat down. At the turn Barter and Burrows clearly had an issue and withdrew from the race, leaving Johnston and Newcombe chasing the leaders down the course to secure second place. A total of four wins leaves Dover with hopes of a good season ahead.