Burrows takes win at Worthing

Dover Rowing Club were in action at the Worthing Town Regatta at the weekend in the last of the regular season competitions. Club Captain Tony Burrows joined the Eastbourne boat of Norwood, Guppy, Warland, coxed by Bishop in the Veteran 50+ race. Burrows in the stroke seat set the rate as the boat shot off to an early lead taking a length within 150m. The boat continued to move away from the field and made a clean turn before running home for the win by three lengths. This was Burrows first win since qualifying for the 50+ category. The same crew also came home in 4th in the Veteran 40+ race.

The Men’s Novice Sculls saw Nathan Peach in the first heat. A good start saw Peach contending for the top four qualifying places. He was still in contention after the turn, but fell away towards the end to finish 5th. The second heat saw Burrows and Tom Stothart competing. The conditions were not in Burrows’ favour and a slow start saw him turn around, whilst Stothart got a great start and led to the buoys. After a clean turn he maintained a good lead to the line to qualify for the final. Stothart had a shaky start in the final, with a near capsize within ten strokes, which allowed the Herne Bay sculler to get away from him. He chased hard but a poor turn left him fighting to maintain 2nd. Stothart slowly moved clear in the later quarter of the race to secure the runner up spot.

Chris Hall was in action in the Men’s Junior Sculls where he was midfield after the start. Hall slowly moved through the field to lay 3rd with 500m to row. Hall started making rapid gains on the second place man, and looked likely to take 2nd place, but caught a late ‘crab’ to leave him 3rd.

Hall and Stothart combined for the Men’s Junior Pairs. The young pairing applied pressure to the leading Herne Bay crew from the start. At the turn the Dover boat looked good for 2nd but a fast finishing inside Southsea crew dropped them to 3rd.

Jo Johnston competed in the Ladies Sculls event. A steady start saw her in the battle for points, moving to 4th by the turn were she increased her lead over the 5th paced sculler. On the return Johnston was unable to meaningfully close on the top three, leaving her to finish in a comfortable 4th place.

Johnston and Maria West-Burrows raced in the Ladies Senior Pairs. Following a boat change the ladies crew were late to the line possibly impacting their start and leaving them towards the back of the field. As the race spread out the Dover crew slowly picked up places to move into the points. After the turn the ladies moved into 5th but were unable to improve further.

Four second places for the Dover rowers at Herne Bay Regatta

It was a tale of 2nd places for Dover Rowing Club at Herne Bay Regatta. Ladies J16 Quad Sculls crew of Rebecca Stothart, Morgan Evans, Ella Day, Jade Jordon coxed by Tony Burrows had a challenging race after Day caught a crab early shattering her blade shaft and trapping it under their boat. Despite the handicap the young crew fought on and held on to take 2nd place at the line.

The Men’s Junior Pairs saw Chris Hall and Tom Stothart get off to a strong start in pursuit of the Herne Bay pair that has dominated the competition this season. They reached the turn with a narrow lead before coming out level, but Dover fell to 2nd by the last 500m and came home in the runners up spot.

Sculls picture courtesy of Joel Dinning

The Men’s Junior Sculls saw Hall and Chris Price competing. Hall in the less favoured outside lane got a great start and was in the mix with the lead scullers. Price had a steadier start in the rough conditions. Hall followed Herne Bay’s former World Champion around the inside turn, and applied pressure on him in the rough conditions in the final quarter, but was unable to pass taking 2nd. Price came home in 7th. The results of the Junior Pairs and Sculls were sufficient to take 2nd place in the Men’s Junior Aggregate competition.

The Men’s Novice Fours saw Nathan Peach competing with an Eastbourne crew coxed by Paul Scrivener, and Jon Cook with a Worthing crew. Peach’s crew led into the turn but struggled to make a clean turn coming out 2nd with Cook’s crew 3rd. In the last 500m the conditions deteriorated but Peach’s crew cleared the worst of it and secured 2nd. Cook’s boat was swamped resulting in Dover rowers swimming out to help land the stricken boat and crew.

The Ladies Novice Four saw Dover enter two crews Dover A: Jade Jordon, R Stothart, Ella Day, Evans coxed by Jo Johnston and Dover B: Newton (Eastbourne) Jamie Jordon, Kate Day, Kate Smith coxed by Scrivener. There was extra interest in this race as Dover B contained two of the mothers of the young Dover A crew. The Dover crews were locked into a neck and neck race for 3rd and 4th with the ‘Mum’s’ crew taking it by a canvas.

Men’s Novice Sculls saw T Stothart, Burrows and Peach competing. Stothart got off to a great start moving with the lead group whilst Burrows and Peach were fighting for the remaining points. Stothart turned in 3rd and was unable to improve his position on the run home. Burrows and Peach just missed out the points coming across the line in 7th and 8th.

In the Ladies Sculls Johnston worked hard to run down the Worthing sculler finishing in 4th missing out on 3rd by less than a canvas. Johnston and Maria West-Burrows competed in the Senior Ladies Pairs but a slow start left them chasing the field and by the turn they were 5th. They were unable to improve their position by the finish line.

Veteran 40’s saw Scrivener, Matt Barnett, Nick Bailey, Burrows coxed by Jade Jordon starting well but rudder issues saw them come home in 5th. The Junior Men’s Four of Peach, Cook, Hall, T Stothart coxed by Jade Jordon finished 7th in a competitive field.