DRC Website v2.0

Welcome to our new website! After joint collaboration between many members of the club, countless tweaks and several revisions, it’s finally here. This version is an overhaul of our previous website to work better on mobile devices, be easier to update and attach content, and most importantly, to help show the world we are the¬†coolest club on the south coast!

And, even better, any posts we make here will show up on Facebook (and other social media sites if/when we set them up), so you can keep up to date with our goings on without the hassle of checking yet another website. Go like our Facebook Page and you’ll get everything posted here too.

Big thanks to Chris Hall for helping set everything up, and the DRC committee of Jacky Silk, Jo Johnston, Tony Burrows, Maria West-Burrows and Petra Crow for their feedback. And, of course, Dave and Sal Fountain for making the original website from which this is heavily inspired. I (Robin McCorkell) merely took all the feedback and great ideas and shoehorned them into a website. (2015)