Youngsters lead the way at the DRC Presentation Dinner

Dover Rowing Club held their Presentation Dinner following a successful season that saw 5 boats promoted and Novice crews sharing the overall CARA championship.

Nathan Peach, who took promotion in both sweep and sculling formats this season, received Men’s Most Improved Novice Rower and also took the prestigious Rowers Rowers award ahead of crew mate Matt Barnett.

Emma Spanton took the Most Improved Female Rower after taking her first win in the last race of her season.

The Coxswain of the Year award was presented to Emma Oliver for her work with a variety of crews throughout the season.

The Captain’s Award was shared by Jo Johnston and Maria West-Burrows who work hard for the club off the water and represented the club for the third year running at the World Offshore Championships.

Matt Barnett received the Club Person of the Year trophy for his willingness to help other crews and organising the successful Men’s Novice 4 crew.

Young Lacey Scrivener received the Helpers prize for her hard work at the the Dover Regatta.

CARA Novice awards were presented to the following rowers for gaining progression for Novice to Junior classification: Kate Day, Ella Day, Brogan Day, Nathan Peach, Jon Cook, Cameron Mackintosh and Matt Barnett

Special Awards:

More changing than training award: Chrissy Purvis and Jennifer Jordan

Topsy Turvy boat award: Izzy Godden and Hannah Power

Queen and Country award: Jo Johnston and Maria West-burrows

Keep trying you may win again one day award: Paul Scrivener

Stand and deliver coaching award: Tony Burrows

DRC are keen for new members male or female, younger or older to continue the clubs improvement into 2020. Anyone interested should contact the club via Facebook or the club’s website.