Dover Rowing Club successfully Monster the Loch over a 21 mile race across Loch Ness

A large contingent of Dover Rowing Club raced in the ‘Monster the Loch’ event over a 21 mile course on the East Side of Loch Ness. There were 6 full Dover crews and a composite crew of two Dover, 2 Folkestone Rowers and a cox. 94 human powered vessels including rowing boats, kayaks and rafts took part. The event kicked-off with a mass start of all 94 crews in good conditions from Fort Augustus aiming for the finish line at Dores. Each crew was required to enter an individual crew name.

From the start Chris Hall and Tom Stothart as the ‘Cox Blocked’ set off in a double scull with the leading vessels aiming for a top 10 finish. At half way ‘Cox Blocked’ was the leading rowing crew before dropping to 2nd around the 14 mile mark. Fighting the conditions nearing the finishing line they were passed by a quad scull to finish 3rd amongst rowing crews and 7th across all competitors, in a time of 2 hours 47 minutes 16 seconds.

Dovers Ladies double sculls featuring Jo Johnston and Maria West-Burrows, competing as ‘Two Birds in a Boat’, would be Dover’s second crew across the line. The ladies, who have rowed internationally in coastal competitions, had a good race maintaining a consistent pace that saw them finish 42nd in a time of 3 hours 20 minutes 40 seconds.
Quad Sculls of Gem McKie, Freya Emmerson, Emily Harvey, Ella Day coxed by James Hale, competing as ‘Tony’s Angels’, had a really good row coping well in the conditions. They finished tired but happy in 52nd place; 3 hours 31 minutes 21 seconds.

In the composite sweep four crew, Dover’s Jon Cook and Jamie Smith were joined by Folkestone’s Becky Pleasted, Zoe Mond and cox Maddy Pleasted. Competing as ‘Scull and Backbones and Yellow Perils’ they were unable to keep up with ‘Tony’s Angels’ after initially maintaining contact. It was another impressive performance from Jon Cook who would feel the effort at the end of the race. The crew had a good race coming across the line in 57th, 3 hours 38 minutes 15 seconds.

The next 2 boats home had been involved in a to and fro battle along course. The predominately family crews of The ‘Hollyatts’ (a Quad Sculls crew of Canelle Ulyatt, Kevin Ulyatt, Holly Hannington, Brendon Ulyatt coxed by Felicity Uylatt) and the ‘McSawks’ (a Quad Sculls featuring Emma Sawkins, Emmerline McArdle, Matt McArdle, Alex McArdle with Pete McArdle as Cox) would finish only 32 seconds apart. ‘Hollyatts’ took the bragging rights with a time of 3 hours 46 minutes 04 seconds finishing 61st and ”McSawks’ in 62nd with 3 hours 46 minutes 36 seconds. There was a particularly impressive performance from Alex McArdle believed to be the youngest rower in the event.

Dover RC’s very own band the Ratzkins were racing as ‘Water Ratz’ competing as a sweep four. Chris Wong, Damion Napier, Laine Napier was joined by guest performer and club captain Tony Burrows with Sara Scrivens as the rhythm section. The challenge was made harder with Damion Napier injuring his back during the race. He struggled on to help the team finish in 80th place in a time of 4 hours 06 minutes 24 seconds.
The club would like to thank the coxes Sara Scrivens, Pete McArdle, James Hale, Felicity Ulyatt and Maddy Pleasted without whom Dover could not have fielded so many crews. Thanks, are also due to Jacky Silk for organising Dover’s entries and travel, Tony Burrows for pulling the boat trailer, Folkestone RC for the loan of boats and crew and Herne Bay for the sculling blades, re-enforcing the community aspect of coastal rowing.

Three Dover Crews compete at the 65th South Coast Championship

Dover Rowing Club were in action at the 65th South Coast Championship at Paignton, the annual event where the 3 divisions Coast Amateur Rowing Association (CARA), Hants and Dorset ARA and West of England ARA combine together for the traditional end of season event. The racing was over a 2km straight course across Tor Bay finishing at Paignton Pier. Dover had two crews pre-qualified for the Championships finals with both the Men’s Junior Four and Junior Senior squads being CARA top point scorers in their competitions.

First, on the unusually calm waters, were Sebastian Steele, Finn Cockrell, James Hale, Jasper Mallet coxed by Freya Emmerson in the Junior Championship final. The school boy crew faced experienced local crews from Paignton and Dart Totnes. From the start it was clear the Itchen and Coalporters crews would be the strongest, battling it out for the win with Coalporters victorious. Dover found themselves clear of Shoreham and fighting Paignton and Dart Totnes down the course. Dover finished in 5th having been unable to overhaul the local crew.

The Junior Senior crew of Ben Gomm, Jon Cook, Chris Hall, Tom Stothart coxed by Freya Emmerson got a great start to their Championship race and were comfortably in 3rd and chasing eventual winners BTC and runners up Itchen. At 700m a seat derailed slowing the crew and leading to Bideford and then Plymouth passing them. Bideford moved across the Dover line forcing themr to move to the outside to get a clear run. With the seat reattached Dover were one of the fastest crews in the final 1000m, rapidly closing on the field in a what was a tight race. Dover would pressurise Bideford, and were neck and neck with Plymouth at the line, losing out by less than a canvas, finishing 5th.
Dover Rowing Club are proud of all their rowers this year but there is particular pride in Jon Cook. Cook joined the club wishing to use the rowing machines to help continue his rehabilitation from a serious spinal injury which had left him heavily reliant on using a wheelchair. Over time his dedication and hard work meant the wheelchair become a crutch and the rowing machine, with help from Dover Rowing Club members, became a rowing boat. Cook’s progression to racing, moving from Novice to Junior level before this season then joining Dover’s Junior Senior squad and qualifying for this South Coast Championship, has been inspiring to all within the club.

Nick Bailey raised a composite crew to race in the open 40+ which was coxed by Freya Emmerson. The scratch crew would come home 5th.
Weather permitting members of Dover Rowing Club will be racing at Loch Ness over a 21 miles course on the 17th.

Hale and Mallet secure the CARA Junior Pairs Championship at Worthing

Dover Rowing Club were in action in the heat at Worthing. Dover secured 3 CARA league wins at the largest regatta of the year which saw guests Ryde from Hants and Dorset also compete.
James Hale and Jasper Mallet competing in the Men’s Junior Pairs found themselves initially in a three way race off the line with the two Ryde pairs. Hale and Mallet laid down the power from 200m and quickly pulled away. Out of the turn the young crew were 18 strokes ahead of the Ryde. At the line Dover secured the win by several lengths. This victory secured the CARA Championship by 4 status wins.

Hale and Mallet were joined in the Men’s Junior Fours by Sebastian Steele and Finn Cockerell with cox Freya Emmerson. Dover’s second crew of Max Jerden, Brendon Ulyatt, Kevin Ulyatt, Matt Barnett was coxed by Felicity Ulyatt. Mark Weight was given dispensation to race for Deal. Emmerson’s crew found themselves again in a battle with Ryde. Pushing hard the young crew found themselves in second at the turn. Emmerson’s crew were unable to catch Ryde at the line, but secured the CARA league win. Weight’s crew secured fifth and Ulyatt’s crew, who were neck and neck with Weight’s crew, finished sixth.
J14 boys quad sculls crew of Josh Grassby, Ben Fagg, Bo Corby, Beau Everington-Nee coxed by Barnett raced over the 1 km course. The school boys ground out a lead over the first 300m and set a good pace to secure the win. The crew have been undefeated in their J14 races this year.

Mallet got a good start in the Novice Sculls and was racing with the top group of scullers. At the turn he was locked in the race for third but was unable to pass his opponent coming home in fourth.
In the Junior Sculls Tom Stothart and Chris Hall raced each other. Stothart got the better start moving into third, Stothart would drop to fourth after the turn, a place he would hold at the finish. Hall would finish sixth overall. Hall and Stothart would combine in the Men’s Senior Pairs where they would secure fifth place.
Men’s Junior Senior Fours saw two crews complete Ben Gomm, Jon Cook, Hall, Stothart coxed by Emmerson racing against K Ulyatt, Weight, Matt McArdle, Barnett cox F Ulyatt. There was a blanket start with 5 crews including Emmerson’s in the mix. Approaching the turn Emmerson’s crew were pressured off their buoy and were forced to change course, dropping the down to fifth a position they could not improve by the finish. Ulyatt’s crew finished sixth.

Ladies Junior Fours featuring Emmeline McArdle, Marie Cockerell, Emmerson, Maria West-Burrows coxed by Hale. With some fast starting teams Dover’s crew found themselves in fifth place by the turn, the position they maintained to the line.
In Ladies Novice Fours Dover had two crews Emma Mansel, M Cockerell, Heather Corby, E MacArdle coxed by F Ulyatt and Emma Sawkins, Emily Harvey, Holly Hannington, Canelle Ulyatt coxed by Emmerson. F Ulyatt’s crew got the better start finding themselves with the leading crews initially. At the turn Ulyatt’s crew were holding fifth the postion they would hold at the finish. Emmerson’s crew would finish tenth.

Men’s Novice Fours Max Jerden, M McArdle, K Ulyatt, B Ulyatt coxed by Emmerson. Weight would again row with a Deal crew. Weight’s crew got the better start and were competing for the lead, They would finish third. Emmerson’s crew found themselves picking their way through the field, and would move up to fifth at the finish.
Master 40+ crew of West-Burrows, Cook, K Ulyatt, Barnett coxed by F Ulyatt would work hard for sixth place.

Rowers remember Finnis and Took

Organised by Andy Bryant, a small group of long-standing friends of the club recently donated funds to have the ‘Finnis and Took’ memorial refurbished   Before and after photos show the brilliant transformation. Local stonemason and member Neil Scrivener (Kent Stonemason) and repaired and cleaned the headstone and Andy repaired and painted the iron railings.  In the spring bulbs will be planted to finish the transformation

The original story can be found here.


Mallet nails three wins at Herne Bay Regatta

Jasper Mallet took three wins as Dover Rowing Club competed in the Herne Bay Regatta helping with his crew mates to secure the Junior Aggregate and second place in the overall Aggregate to the hosts. Mallet’s first win was with team mates Sebastian Steele, Finn Cockerell, James Hale coxed by Freya Emmerson in the Junior Men’s Fours. Having already secured the CARA title the crew got a great start and established a good lead. At the line they had a comfortable win by several lengths. Mallet would face Sam Pile in the Men’s Novice Sculls which saw both scullers push ahead of the field with Mallet having the edge. On the run home Pile pushed hard but could not significantly close the gap as Mallet secured his first sculls win by a couple of lengths. In the Men’s Junior Pairs Mallet and Hale faced Steele and Sam Pile. Mallet / Hale got the better off the start and new pairing Steele and Pile went into pursuit mode. Mallet / Hale led through the turn and headed home a few lengths ahead of Steele and Pile who secured an excellent second.

The Veteran 50+ race saw Dover’s Nick Bailey and Jo Woods competing with rowers from Bexhill and Folkestone. After a slower start the composite crew worked their way through the field to turn in second and moved steadily ahead to confirm the runner up stop.

The Ladies Senior Four saw Woods, Ruby Cockerell, Rachel Bailey, Charlotte Cox coxed by N Bailey get off to a great start leading through the first few hundred metres. At the turn Dover were lying third and would hold this position to the line. In Ladies Senior Pairs R Bailey and Cox would again have a great start and initially held the lead. In the charge to the buoy Dover’s crew would drop to third. On the run home the crew was unable to catch the lead taking third at the line.
The Men’s Junior Senior Four saw two crews Ben Gomm, Chris Hall, Steve Woods, Tom Stothart coxed by Emmerson. S Woods had been a late replacement and was having his first race for several years. Dover’s second crew had Steele, F Cockerell, Max Jerden, Pile coxed by Felicity Ulyatt. Emmerson drove her crew into the lead and were leading out of the turn with Ulyatt’s crew initially in second before dropping to fourth by the turn. Emmerson’s crew found themselves in a battle with two home crews, gradually both Herne Bay crews were able to overhold Dover’s crew in a tight finish. Ulyatt’s crew would come home in fourth.

F Ulyatt coxed the Ladies Junior crew of Marie Cockerell, Emily Harvey, Emmerson, Maria West-Burrows which set off in the middle of the field and would need to chase down the leaders. Coming out of the turn, Ulyatt steered the crew into third as they pursued the leaders to the line, but were unable to improve their position.
Stothart and Hall competed in the Junior Men’s Sculls. Stothart got the better start moving into a tight battle for second. Coming out of the turn it was Stothart in third and Hall in sixth. Neither sculler could change their positions at the line. Stothart and Hall combined in the Men’s Junior Pairs where they had a good start moving into second, they would battle the crews in the fast water. They were in fourth at the turn and found themselves unable to close down third place before the line.

Dover Novices Ladies crews M Cockerell, Sophie Jerden, Holly Hannington, Nikki Leggatt coxed by Emmerson were racing Cannelle Ulyatt, Harvey, Emma Sawkins, Emmeline McArdle coxed by F Ulyatt. Neither crew had a great start and it would be a case of running through the field to get points. Emmerson’s crew successfully advanced through the field to take third as they started on their return leg with F Ulyatt’s crew up to sixth, the positions they would hold at the finish.
Veteran 40+ would Kevin Ulyatt, M Cockerell, West-Burrows, , McArdle coxed by Emmerson would come home in fourth. M Jerden, Brendon Ulyatt, K Ulyatt, Jason Cunningham coxed by Emmerson would come over the line in fifth with a composite crew featuring Pile in Sixth.

DRC would like to thank club members Chris Wong, Laine and Damion Napier at their band the Ratzkins for their fund-raising concert at the Marina Curve on Sunday

Junior Men’s Four secure the Coast Amateur Rowing Association Championship title

Dover Rowing Club saw championship success as the Men’s Junior Four sealed the Coast Amateur Rowing Association title in an eventful race. Dover’s championship crew of Sebastian Steele, Finn Cockerell, James Hale, Jasper Mallet coxed by Jo Johnston pulled away from the field at the start. Difficult conditions contributed to Cockerell’s seat derailing leaving his teammates powering the boat whilst he worked to reattach it. With Cockerell back on line by the first turn Dover were neck and neck with Deal, but Dover’s young crew powered away developing a lead of several lengths at the second turn comfortably taking their fourth counting win, and securing the CARA Championship title at the line. The win also secured the day’s Junior Aggregate competition.

The Junior Senior crew of Paul Scrivener, Jon Cook, Chris Hall, Tom Stothart coxed by Nick Bailey faced a re-row, after appearing to win the first race, due to Deal’s crew being impeded by Shoreham. In the re-race the Shoreham crew got the best start and were leading into the first turn where an excellent turn from Dover saw them gain ground in a three way battle. Dover were in second coming into the second turn and were facing the rougher conditions. Shoreham cut in to block Deal on the inside water as Dover nailed their turn and popped out with momentum. Despite the bow pair taking a battering in the rough conditions Dover’s crew took the win by more than three lengths.

The Master 40+ saw Dover crews go head to head. Marie Cockerell, Matt Barnett, Jon Cook, Nikki Leggatt coxed by Felicity Ulyatt faced Chris Wong, Laine Napier, Damion Napier, Maria West-Burrows coxed by Johnston. The Ulyatt crew got the better start pulling clear of their compatriots building on the lead after the first turn and recorded an easy win. Johnston’s crew worked hard in the difficult conditions and would take second at the line.

In the Men’s Novice Sculls Mallet had a battle with a Shoreham Sculler. The lead was changing regularly as they headed through the middle of the course. Mallet pushed on to gain a couple of lengths but was chased down by the second turn. With the lead changing stroke for stroke Mallet missed out by less than a canvas at the line, securing second.

In the Junior Sculls Stothart and Hall battled the Herne Bay sculler. Stothart moved into second at the turn with Hall third. On the run to the second turn Hall dropped to fifth the postion he would hold at the finish, with Stothart ahead securing second.
Novice Ladies Fours saw two crews entered. M Cockerell, Jodie Lott, Emily Harvey, Leggatt coxed by Johnston, and Cannelle Ulyatt, Kelly Jackson, Emma Sawkins, Emmeline McArdle coxed by Tony Burrows. Johnston crew was second off the line dropping down to third at the turn, a position they would hold to the finish. Burrows crew in the outside lane fighting the worst conditions came home seventh.

The Men’s Novice Fours had Max Jerden, Brendon Ulyatt, Kevin Ulyatt, Jason Cunningham coxed by Burrows, and Wong, Mark Weight, D Napier, L Napier coxed by Johnston. Burrows crew was in the mix for top three placing until the last 200m where they dropped to fourth. Johnston’s crew came home in seventh.
Senior Ladies Four saw Charlotte Cox, Rachel Bailey, Ruby Cockerell, Jo Woods coxed by Scrivener take fifth place. Hall and Stothart would finish fifth in the Men’s Senior Pairs after a collison with Herne Bay. Johnston took 7th in the ladies Sculls. The Ladies Junior Fours West-Burrows, Jackson, Sawkins, McArdle coxed by Johnston finished ninth.

Junior rowing squad take two wins and secure the Junior Aggregate Competition

Dover Rowing Club were in action at Shoreham Regatta at the weekend. Dover’s Junior Men’s Four of Sebastian Steele, Max Arkell, James Hale, Jasper Mallet coxed by Freya Emmerson got a good start and initially looked to be in a battle with Shoreham. The crew featuring Arkell as a sub suddenly clicked and rapidly pulled clear. They pulled fifteen strokes after the buoy turn before the next crew had turned and the margin of victory was wide at the finish. Mallet and Hale teamed up in the Junior Pairs with similar effect charging out to a lead and pushing on for a clear victory. Mallet had a challenging Novice Sculls race with swimmers and paddle boards on the course, Arkell in his first sculls race was on the outside. Mallet turned second and was unable to catch Herne Bay on the run home. Arkell crossed the line in seventh.

The Men’s Junior Sculls had Tom Stothart and Chris Hall competing. A good start for Stothart saw him move into second place trying to keep with Herne Bay. Stothart would secure second place at the line, with Hall in fourth place. The Junior Crews would secure the Junior Aggregate Trophy with these wins and a second place. Hall and Stothart would be fifth in the Men’s Senior Pairs.

In the Men’s Novice Fours Kevin Ulyatt, Brendon Ulyatt, Jamie Smith, Jason Cunningham coxed by Tony Burrows had an excellent start grabbing the initial lead. Cunningham stroking for the crew after 2 weeks rowing experience was outstanding as the crew turned in third place. Dover’s crew gained good separation from the next boat to come home in third.
In the Masters 40+ K Ulyatt, Maria West-Burrows, Smith, Jon Cook coxed by Jo Johnston were left a little at the start. Pursuing the leading crews Johnston’s crew turned in fourth, the position they would hold to the line.
Men’s Junior / Senior Four had Ben Gomm, Cook, Hall, Stothart coxed by Emmerson immediately in a fight for second off the line. Heading to the turn a combination of factors dropped the crew to fourth with the distance lost too great to make up on the way home. Gomm, Hall, Stothart and Arkell joined forces for the Men’s Senior Fours with Hattie Aubrey coxing. The crew were fifth out of the turn and were able to maintain this position at the line.

Junior Ladies crew of Emily Harvey, Canelle Ulyatt, West-Burrows, Emmerson coxed by Johnston found themselves battling for points. They would eventually come home in sixth. Harvey and C Ulyatt teamed up with A Bell and C Clover from Folkestone RC to compete in the Woman’s Novice Fours coxed by Emmerson they would finish seventh.

Dover Rowers Qualify for the World Offshore Championships

Dover Rowing Club had 3 rowers qualify for World Offshore Championships after competing in the British Offshore finals at Saundersfoot beach, Wales. Jo Johston and Maria West-Burrows in the woman’s double and Tony Burrows rowing with Jon Osborn from Eastbourne RC. Both crews were using hired FISA style boats which differ from their normal CARA approved versions.

Burrows and Osborn had to go through qualifying. The 4 km race saw the Burrows boat grab second at the 1 km turn place. The Burrows crew were unable to close down the Mayflower crew on the 1.1 km second leg leaving them to settle into their qualifying place through the remaining buoys, finishing in 25 minutes and 5.9 seconds.

Finals day saw the weather in Wales deteriorate with 6ft swells, heavy hail storms and risk from thunderstorms. Burrows and Osborn were up first facing international opposition from former Swedish World Champion Peter Berg. From the start of the race there was a clear break for The Jersey / Rob Roy and Helsingborg crews who turned in first and second. Burrows boat turned in fourth behind the Mayflower crew. Running to the second buoy Mayflower had separation, whilst Burrows and Osborn had to focus on holding off the Hollowell crew who won the Welsh Championship earlier in the year. In the charge from the last buoy the Burrows boat finished in fourth in a time of 26 minutes and 15 seconds, only 4.1 second ahead of the Hollowell’s crew. With the Burrows boat ranked third amongst GB boats it guaranteed them a place in the World Offshore Finals.

Johnston and West-Burrows, veteran’s of 4 previous World Offshore Finals, would face worsening conditions for their race. The Dover crew got a fantastic start, even receiving praise on the British Rowing feed at the event. In the mix at the first turn the Dover crew fell behind the Irish Arklow and Coastal RA crews who would go on to be first and second. Fighting for third against Exmouth / Tideway and Jersey crews they started to drop back by the second turn, leaving them in a safe fifth place. Dover’s crew would complete the remaining turns to run home in fifth, securing automatic World Offshore places as the fourth GB crew, in a time of 32 minutes and 4.8 seconds

Dover take three wins in the rough at Folkestone Regatta

Dover Rowing Club took 3 wins in rough conditions at Folkestone Regatta. The first close race saw Dover’s Junior Senior 4’s crew of Jon Cook, Matt Barnett, Chris Hall, Tom Stothart coxed by Freya Emmerson going head to head with Herne Bay’s crew. The race was neck and neck from the start and the crews were called as even out of the turn. With 300m to go, Dover put in a big push moving a quarter length ahead. Cook caught a crab as a big wave ripped the blade (oar) from his hand but quick reactions meant he regained control as Herne Bay moved ahead, before Dover surged back to win by a tiny margin.

The Men’s Junior 4’s of Sebastian Steele, Finn Cockerell, James Hale, Jasper Mallet with Emmerson at cox were racing Dover’s Eddie Briggs, Brendon Ulyatt, Kevin Ulyatt, Matt Barnett coxed by Felicity Ulyatt. Emmerson’s crew dominated the race coping with the worst conditions of the day that would see the bow pair regularly being lifted out of the water only to slam down. After Emmerson’s crew took the easy win, Ulyatt’s crew finished a strong 4th place.

Dover’s J14 crew of Josh Grassby, Ben Fagg, Bo Corby, Beau Everington-Nee coxed by F Ulyatt had a strong lead by the half way point and were able to hold off a late challenge to take another win. The same crew raced in the older J16 category with Barnett coxing. The young crew rowed well to come home 3rd.
Nick Bailey and Andrew Bryant were in another close race as they joined two Folkestone rowers in the Masters 50 class where they raced Herne Bay in a tight race. They would lose out at the line by half a canvas.
The Men’s Junior Pairs crew Hale and Mallet battled through the field turning 3rd before coming through to 2nd at the line. Mallet would also take 2nd in his first Novice Sculls race with Sam Pile coming in 3rd.

Sisters Charlotte Cox and Rachel Bailey made their return to racing in the Senior Pairs, after a long layoff. A solid start saw the pair in the mix to start with before dropping to 3rd, holding Folkestone off at the line.
Men’s Junior Sculls saw Stothart racing against Hall. At the turns it was Hall, 2nd, over Stothart, 3rd, but positions would be reversed by a late surge from Stothart at the line. Hall and Stothart joined forces for the Men’s Senior pairs where they finished 5th.
Ladies Novice 4’s had 2 Dover crews Marie Cockerell, Kelly Jackson, Heather Corby, Emmeline McArdle, coxed by Emmerson racing Canelle Ulyatt, Emma Sawkins, Megan Barter, Nicky Leggett coxed by Tony Burrows. Emmerson’s crew finished 3rd and Burrows in 5th. Cockerell, H Corby, E McArdle were joined by Maria West-Burrows coxed by Barter to come 4th in the Woman’s veteran 40. Cockerell, H Corby, West-Burrows, Emmerson coxed by Stothart were 5th in the Ladies Junior 4’s.

The Men’s Novice 4’s saw K Ulyatt, Eddie Briggs, Matt McArdle, B Ulyatt coxed by Burrows take a battling 4th place. The Veterans 40 plus saw Leggett, Vic Evans, N Bailey, Bryant coxed by Rupert Evans come home 3rd with Cook, Briggs, West-Burrows, K Ulyatt coxed by Emmerson finish 4th.