Junior Men’s Four secure the Coast Amateur Rowing Association Championship title

Dover Rowing Club saw championship success as the Men’s Junior Four sealed the Coast Amateur Rowing Association title in an eventful race. Dover’s championship crew of Sebastian Steele, Finn Cockerell, James Hale, Jasper Mallet coxed by Jo Johnston pulled away from the field at the start. Difficult conditions contributed to Cockerell’s seat derailing leaving his teammates powering the boat whilst he worked to reattach it. With Cockerell back on line by the first turn Dover were neck and neck with Deal, but Dover’s young crew powered away developing a lead of several lengths at the second turn comfortably taking their fourth counting win, and securing the CARA Championship title at the line. The win also secured the day’s Junior Aggregate competition.

The Junior Senior crew of Paul Scrivener, Jon Cook, Chris Hall, Tom Stothart coxed by Nick Bailey faced a re-row, after appearing to win the first race, due to Deal’s crew being impeded by Shoreham. In the re-race the Shoreham crew got the best start and were leading into the first turn where an excellent turn from Dover saw them gain ground in a three way battle. Dover were in second coming into the second turn and were facing the rougher conditions. Shoreham cut in to block Deal on the inside water as Dover nailed their turn and popped out with momentum. Despite the bow pair taking a battering in the rough conditions Dover’s crew took the win by more than three lengths.

The Master 40+ saw Dover crews go head to head. Marie Cockerell, Matt Barnett, Jon Cook, Nikki Leggatt coxed by Felicity Ulyatt faced Chris Wong, Laine Napier, Damion Napier, Maria West-Burrows coxed by Johnston. The Ulyatt crew got the better start pulling clear of their compatriots building on the lead after the first turn and recorded an easy win. Johnston’s crew worked hard in the difficult conditions and would take second at the line.

In the Men’s Novice Sculls Mallet had a battle with a Shoreham Sculler. The lead was changing regularly as they headed through the middle of the course. Mallet pushed on to gain a couple of lengths but was chased down by the second turn. With the lead changing stroke for stroke Mallet missed out by less than a canvas at the line, securing second.

In the Junior Sculls Stothart and Hall battled the Herne Bay sculler. Stothart moved into second at the turn with Hall third. On the run to the second turn Hall dropped to fifth the postion he would hold at the finish, with Stothart ahead securing second.
Novice Ladies Fours saw two crews entered. M Cockerell, Jodie Lott, Emily Harvey, Leggatt coxed by Johnston, and Cannelle Ulyatt, Kelly Jackson, Emma Sawkins, Emmeline McArdle coxed by Tony Burrows. Johnston crew was second off the line dropping down to third at the turn, a position they would hold to the finish. Burrows crew in the outside lane fighting the worst conditions came home seventh.

The Men’s Novice Fours had Max Jerden, Brendon Ulyatt, Kevin Ulyatt, Jason Cunningham coxed by Burrows, and Wong, Mark Weight, D Napier, L Napier coxed by Johnston. Burrows crew was in the mix for top three placing until the last 200m where they dropped to fourth. Johnston’s crew came home in seventh.
Senior Ladies Four saw Charlotte Cox, Rachel Bailey, Ruby Cockerell, Jo Woods coxed by Scrivener take fifth place. Hall and Stothart would finish fifth in the Men’s Senior Pairs after a collison with Herne Bay. Johnston took 7th in the ladies Sculls. The Ladies Junior Fours West-Burrows, Jackson, Sawkins, McArdle coxed by Johnston finished ninth.