A New Year message from our Chairman – Kevin (Curly) Goodwin

Some people come into The Rowing Club, one or two stick it out, and stay, some may fall by the wayside. Many of them cannot hack it, and slowly leave us, but we have some Die Hard Stalwarts, who Love ❤ our sport.

Everybody Hurts, Sometime. Tears may fall, for our efforts, the pain or strains we may endure when you are missing that last stroke, you can’t quite get there, to reach Your goal. Or simply because the ones we love ❤ and care for are no longer here anymore.  Use these thoughts and memories, channel and focus them within so becoming stronger, together.

The History of our club, has been added to and grown through the years.  Founded in 1846, The Oldest Coastal Rowing Club in Great Britain. We are proud of that fact. We were also the very First rowing club to have someone stand as The President of the Coastal Amateur Rowing Association.  We have had our share of Champions ?, and good rowers throughout the years.

Ladies rowing was also first introduced at Dover Regatta by Roger Cuff, not half a century ago.

It is most important that we all remember and respect our past, our rules and regulations even our instructions for handling the clubs equipment.  It will, and does last longer, if we take care and pride ourselves with everything in our boathouse or club. Take pride in Yourselves, for YOU ALL are carrying on the tradition of being Coastal Oarsmen and Women. – The True Dover Sharks, who outrowed The Custom.and Excise years ago.

Never forget the club where you picked up a blade or boat, and got your feet wet for the very first time .

The Gods, have played a great part in the destiny of Dover Rowing Club

At least,, that is what l believe, but who knows its all our futures.?

It would be marvellous to look into a misty pool, and find this club survive its coming problems, to get a glimpse, of the yet again, reduction of our glorious  Dover Regatta Course. What we are left with to carry into 2020 or beyond.

My predecessor’s and colleagues today, Our Club Committee, are only the key holders, and YOU have to realise, as the passing of Reg Kent, has reminded myself, one day, some of us won’t be present within our club, not physically anyway.

When l looked at the vast number of people who attended Reg’s funeral, a good third ,had passed through our club at some time in their lives.  What a club we would be if they were still members or supporters, think on these words.  Get Involved with your club, bring as many new members into our sport of rowing.  We Need You !

Throughout my little speech, my words of wisdom? I noticed the first letter of certain words began to spell another word:

The word I found was, Something. Why something?

To me, lt’s similar to a piece of music. You get your main notes, as you have your general rowing, your ups and downs, good bits, bad bits. Various twiddly bits in the middle, then eventually, we get the lovely long mellow ballad, stretched out, smooth laid back finish.

We All, have our own tunes, but it’s missing Harmony.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We cannot and definitely won’t exist without Harmony within our club. Of course, we may hit a bum note, (That’s got nothing to do with flatulence!) here and there, along the way. Any one of us !

So, My friends, lets go forth, but l would prefer you to get 1st place, let’s All work together, Harmonise and take the music of our club into the future. Ladies and Gentlemen, Founded in 1846, l give you a toast for 2016, Dover Rowing Club.

Happy New Year  to All My Boys and especially My Girlies Ha Ha ?