Dover Rowing Club take second in the latest virtual rowing event – ‘Christmas Island’ to ‘Mauritius’

Dover Rowing Club have restarted their virtual rowing race around the world, after a hiatus for the physical rowing season. Rowing, running, walking, cycling (counting as half distance) and workouts all contribute to team totals. Dover set off from virtual Christmas Island for virtual Mauritius, a distance of 5263km, racing against five other CARA rowing clubs.

After an initial surge from all clubs, Dover moved to third behind Folkestone and Shoreham in a close fought start. Dover’s push was driven by great performances from newer members Kevin Ulyatt (221.5km), Eddie Briggs ( and Krista Davis (240km) who would finish the race in the individual performance top ten for Rowing, Running and Cycling respectively. K Ulyatt (517km) finished the race second overall, whilst Briggs also had big scores for rowing and cycling including a marathon length row. Club stalwarts Maria West-Burrows (502km) and Tony Burrows (403km) appeared in the overall top ten, whilst Chris Hall (302km) led Dover in cycling.
As the three lead crews neared the 2000km mark, Eastbourne, Bexhill and Worthing decided to merge resources to form a ‘Super Club’ effectively closing the gap on the other teams. Continued high individual efforts from Dover eventually closed down Shoreham and moved them up to challenge Folkestone as the race moved into the last 1000km.
Folkestone held Dover at the line, despite Dover briefly leading, finishing less than two days ahead, with Shoreham a few days behind and the ‘Super Club’ left in fourth.

Thirty-two Dover members took part in the race with the following individuals also posting totals of over 200 km: Canelle Ulyatt, Chrissy Purvis, David Newman, Julie Hall, Marie Cockrell and Matt Barnett. There were great contributions from the club’s younger members Bo Corby, Beau Grassby and Ella Day, and the remaining kilometres covered by Brendon Ulyatt, Chris Price, Damion and Laine Napier, Emmaline and Matt McArdle, Heather Corby, Jamie Smith, Jen Jordan, Jo Johnston, Jon Cook, Josh Everington-Nee, Kate Day, Lorna and Sam Pile, Nick Bailey and Tom Stothart.
The next leg is Mauritius to Cape Town; over 4250km.